[pology] case sensitive filters

Claus Christensen claus_chr at webspeed.dk
Sun Jul 15 13:26:47 PDT 2012

Den 15-07-2012 12:18, Chusslove Illich skrev:
>> [: Claus Christensen :]
>> posieve: [error] Parameters not accepted by any of issued subcommands: case.
>> I have tried using check-spell-ec as well to the same effect. What am I
>> doing wrong?
> Which version of Pology is it? case parameter was added just recently, in
> Pology 0.11 that was released last week only. (And in trunk since about
> three weeks ago.)
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That explains it then. I'll update my installation to the most recent 
version. (Curiously, when I ask for the version nr, posieve reports 
0.11, but it more than six months old). Thanks.

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