[pology] Possible mistake in pology check-spell

Javier Viñal fjvinal at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 11:41:16 PDT 2012


	I have found that the option '-s skip' in check-spell and check-spell-ec, 
exclude regular expressions with a case-insensitive pattern (the python code 
include the option re.I when compiling the regular expression).
	This makes impossible to write a regular expression that only exclude 
words in capital letters, that in general are not translatable.
	I was trying to exclude ^[A-Z]+$ from the check-spelling, but due to the 
flag re.I, this regexpr exclude all the words.

Perform case-insensitive matching; expressions like [A-Z] will match lowercase 
letters, too. This is not affected by the current locale.

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