[pology] A little improvement for "resolve.py"

Javier Viñal fjvinal at gmail.com
Mon May 12 07:36:52 PDT 2014


I had done a small change to "pology/resolve.py"

It match the regexpr with literals like "backup-structure.txt" or "
icon-king.com" found in my KDE translations.

The diff file is:

Index: resolve.py
--- resolve.py  (revisión: 1384792)
+++ resolve.py  (copia de trabajo)
@@ -803,7 +803,7 @@
     return _remove_by_rx(text, _literal_url_rx, subs)

-_literal_web_rx = re.compile(r"\w{3,}(\.[\w-]{2,})+", re.U)
+_literal_web_rx = re.compile(r"\w[\w-]{2,}(\.[\w-]{2,})+", re.U)

 def _remove_literals_web (text, subs=""):

Regards, Javier.
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