[pology] Pology Python 3 support

Itms na.itms76 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 07:42:24 PST 2020


We are using pology for various tasks for translations of the game 0 
A.D. (https://play0ad.com). It is working great, thanks for the software 
and the effort put into it!

However, Python 2 has now officially reached its end-of-life, and 
although most of our scripts are compatible with both versions of 
Python, we fear that other tools we use will stop supporting Python 2 
soon. It would be a bit annoying for us and our CI to keep needing 
Python 2 for pology, even though I understand how much work might be 
needed for you to support 3.
I wanted to ask on the list what were your plans related to the 2 to 3 
transition, and whether you needed some help with anything?

Have a nice day and thanks again,
Nicolas (aka Itms)

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