[pology] Multiple environment pology rules

mvillarino mvillarino at kde-espana.es
Thu Nov 29 00:28:42 PST 2012

2012/11/28 Chusslove Illich <caslav.ilic at gmx.net>
> > [: mvillarino :]
> > I need some rules to apply if both the environment "a desktop" and "a
> > theme" are in the file header and the rule. (for instance: kgeography is
> > to be applied rules for kde, for geography and for both at a time.
> I'm not sure I understood you correctly. Do you mean that you would like to
> define a rule which at the same time belongs to two environments? E.g. some
> rules have set environment 'kde', some 'geography', and then some which have
> both 'kde' and 'geography' set?

Exactly, please consider file pology/lang/gl/rules/kde.rules, rule
id="kde_event" (for instance, if fact I understood this could be done
so there are more examples all over the file).

> If so, that cannot be done at the moment,
> and it would be complicated to define in all details; why not simply
> introduce the environment 'kde-geography', and add all three to a file
> header?

I didn't gave it a thought.... seems not to be an elegant solution,
but if it works...

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