[pology] Strange posieve error

Claus Christensen claus_chr at webspeed.dk
Mon Aug 5 06:26:47 PDT 2013


I am using posieve to spell chech .po files. Normally it works great but today 
I ran in to an odd problem. Running

  posieve check-spell kwalletmanager.po

the program aborted without checking anything. The error message was the 

posieve: [error] kwalletmanager.po:header: Sieving failed: 'ascii' codec can't 
encode character u'\xe6' in position 37: ordinal not in range(128)

I am completely mystified: As far as I can tell the character u'\xe6' is the 
Danish letter 'æ', which appears in most of my .po files. Why would it suddenly 
make posieve choke?

I have attached the offending po file to this mail.
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