[pology] Strange posieve error

Claus Christensen claus_chr at webspeed.dk
Mon Aug 5 08:04:12 PDT 2013

Mandag den 5. august 2013 16:02:19 skrev Chusslove Illich:
> > [: Claus Christensen :]
> > I am completely mystified: As far as I can tell the character u'\xe6' is
> > the Danish letter 'æ', which appears in most of my .po files. Why would it
> > suddenly make posieve choke?
> Does perhaps some of the file paths involved in testing (e.g. parent
> directory, personal world list...) contain this character? Going through
> code of check-spell, there are situations where that might be a problem. Try
> the attached "hardened" check_spell.py (put it in sieve/ subdirectory of
> Pology source, and possibly rebuild if you run Pology installed).

Thanks, I will try that.

I just remembered that I moved a spell checking file from an old machine into 
the spell directory. Renaming that solved the problem, so apparently the 
problem is caused by the spell checking file.

The header for that file is

personal_ws-1.1 da 423 utf-8

however, I moved some of the content to another file, so the number 423 should 
probably be ajusted (I tried using normalize-aspell-word-list bug got similar 
errors as with posieve). I'll investigate a bit more and report back if I find 
out anything.

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