[pology] Bug Report: Building in Cygwin on a networked path

Alexander Gieg alexgieg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 10:47:00 PST 2013


I've just downloaded and attempted to build Pology in my Cygwin install for
the first time, and I noticed a small problem in the building mechanism.

What happens is that my home dir is a networked path, which Cygwin maps


Pology's installer, however, doesn't like those two slashes. At this point
in the make process:

[49%] Generating sr/lang-sr-doc-dbt1-book-to-html-chunked-buildstamp

An error message appears to the effect that a file couldn't be found,
showing its path as this:


I.e., it strips the "extra" slash at the beginning, causing what were a
valid network resource to become an invalid path to a non-existing local

The workaround was to move pology's folder to a local drive, in my case
/cygdrive/d/pology-0.11/, and build from there. But it'd be nice if it were
able to build from such a networked drive.

I hope this helps!


Alexander Gieg
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