[pology] Python version identification in pology.

Chusslove Illich caslav.ilic at gmx.net
Fri Jan 18 13:56:23 PST 2013

> I have the problem that all pology python scripts begin with the line:
>   #!/usr/bin/env python
> In order to work properly in Arch Linux, it should be:
>   #!/usr/bin/env python2

The thing is that some distributions, the one I use included, have
convention that Python 2 is named python and Python 3 python3, and python2
link does not exist. I couldn't think of any nice solution to support both
systems when running Pology scripts directly from the source.

(For running installed, it would be possible to check if there exists
python2 link and modify scripts at build time before installing them in
target directory. I should make this some time soon.)

Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић)
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