[pology] check-spell

mvillarino mvillarino at kde-espana.es
Fri Apr 27 04:45:37 PDT 2012

Reply from Fran Diéguez:

personal_ws-1.1 gl 6 UTF-8

shows error:

po/gl.po:11871(#2628): Unknown word 'Portapapeis' (suggestions:
Portalapis and Pasaporte).

If the word in the list is Portapapeis no error shows.

El día 26 de abril de 2012 12:08, Chusslove Illich
<caslav.ilic at gmx.net> escribió:
>> [: mvillarino :]
>> A mate that translates gnome noted that specialized dictionaries for
>> check-spell-ec happen to be case sensitive, so gtk != GTK. Is this right?
>> Is there any way to make dictionaries case insensitive?
> I use Aspell as underlying spell check engine, and it seems to use this
> heuristic: allow word with upcased letters (compared to dictionary word),
> but do not allow downcased. For example, if dictionary contains 'foo', then
> 'Foo' and 'FOO' will be allowed; if dictionary contains 'Foo', then 'FOO'
> will be allowed, but 'foo' will be reported as misspelled.

That makes sense  at least in English, because some words must be
capitalized, for instance, language names, ans days of week names.
I ignore if hunspell applies the same rule. Please note that we
(Galician l10n done within Proxecto Transo.) must use this
spellchecker, so the above reported behaviour could be backend

Mmmm, if I have some time I'll test it.

Kind regards,

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